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Open Call for Playtesters

So I was able to successfully "finish" A Night in Seyvoth Manor by Halloween... But you may notice the quotes around the word "finish".

The module needs work, lots of it. Editing is the most apparent concern, but beyond that I have genuine concerns over the mechanics of the thing and whether the adventure (1) works, and (2) is fun. The only way to determine answers to that is to actively play it amongst a group. And since I don't have any local groups that would allow me to subject them to my DM-ing abilities, I turn to the Internet.

I have created another blog - http://pbp.brainclouds.net/ - in which I have place an open call for playtesters to do an online play-test of A Night in Seyvoth Manor. Right now it's the best I can do, and the best way I can think of to resolve the personal worries about creating an adventure style I'm frankly not use to.

So who's interested? Head on over to the other blog and read the details, then if you like whip up a 6th level character (guidelines are posted) and send it my way. If we get enough interest, we'll give it a go.

Thanks for your support!

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