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Call for Judges

Due to my current health issues (inner ear inflammation, dizziness and vertigo, foul mood) and a major assignment at work that needs to be completed by Monday, in order to not further delay the choosing of a winner to the contest I am placing an open call out for impartial people to serve as judges.

Here's how I think this will work:

Judges: Between three and five judges who have not submitted an entry in to the contest.

Material: There isn't a lot, to be honest. I think at last count there were eight valid submissions (if you're reading this and yours is one of them, your chances are pretty good), so there isn't a lot to review.

Blind Judging: Unless it is unavoidable, I will present the entries to the judges without any indication of who is submitting it. In other words, I will open the submission in Acrobat, Word or whatever and remove your name and branding from the submission before I present it to the judges in PDF format. There may be cases I can't do this adequately (if removing branding would impact the content being judged), but I'll do my best so that the judging is as impartial as it can get.

Scoring: Unless someone out there has a better suggestion, I can't come up with a scoring system that would be acceptable, so I will ask judges to rank the top five entries in preferred order. These entries will be given a score, and the highest average score amongst all judges will be declared the winner.

Prizes: Because of this delay, I am considering selecting more than one winner. Don't quote me on that, though.

How to Apply: Email me at dflor@brainclouds.net and I'll take you in to consideration. Hopefully I will get enough people to do this in the next 24 to 48 hours.

The alternative to the above would be to wait until I can clear my mind and judge the entries myself, but with my left ear ringing, the room sometimes dipping and swaying as if I was at sea and a metric assload of work I need to finish by end of month, I can't guarantee when that will happen. I can't imagine some of you waiting long to find out if you get the prize or not.

I apologize for this inconvenience. I will plan for such things if I do such a contest in the future.

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  1. Don’t sweat it man. One of my favorite quotes from Chris Perkins is, “You should never put more time into your hobby than you want to.” This is our hobby, hope you get better soon, but life happens.

  2. Yaayyy multiple winners!

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