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The Coming Dark, Chapter One

After somewhat of a sleepless night last night (if you follow me on Twitter, you know why. If not, don't ask...), I have decided to buckle down and compile "Chapter One: Homecoming", the first of about eight chapters in my campaign, "The Coming Dark".

There's one section to be completed - the conclusion, which would transition in to the next chapter (that doesn't even have a name) - but beyond that it clocks in at 43 pages. That might sound like a lot, but I admit I'm somewhat thorough; it includes detailed tactical maps, a reprint of some of the new monsters in the appendix, and a lot of talk. In addition - again, due to a noisy, sleepless night - I created a supplement containing all the tactical maps in a usable format (1" squares, no monster or zone markings) that weighs in at 53 pages.

The module consists of five tactical encounters (including one "boss"), two skill challenges and several other ways to gain XP here and there. It's intended for five first party characters, and by the end of the chapter they will be dangerously close to level 2 (about 100xp shy, by my count).

I intend to publish this campaign through my DriveThruRPG publisher page and through other venues. In the meantime, I am looking for a handful of people (3-5, I imagine) that would be willing to review my module for errors (everything from grammar to mechanics) and to see how I did in terms of story, execution and overall "fun-ness" of the campaign. Plus, quite honestly, my biggest concern is how this campaign would translate to the table top; since it was originally designed for "play by post", I have attempted to make several changes in it to try to make it more table friendly.

If you would be willing to review this for free, please let me know via email to dflor@brainclouds.net and I'll provide a pre-release copy.

WARNING: If you are currently playing my campaign, this chapter contains a fair amount of spoilers, so I'd be very hesitant in letting you see it in the first place. Be warned!

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